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ed bitumen stabilisation (FBS) is a unique pavement treatment option for treating new materials or rehabilitating pavements that have exceeded their serviceable life. The ed bitumen process creates a visco-elastic material which once compacted is strong, durable, non-temperature sensitive, moisture resistant and flexible yet rut resistant.

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Bitumen & Pavement Technologies is a leading company in the investigation, mix design and quality control testing of insitu and plant mixed bitumen stabilised pavements. We provide a large range of consulting and testing services to both government and private industries in the delivery of both small and large scale projects.

ed Asphalt

The ed bitumen increases the shear strength and reduces the moisture susceptibility of granular materials. The strength characteristics of ed asphalt approaches that of cemented materials, but ed asphalt is flexible and fatigue resistant. treatment can be used with a wider range of aggregate types than other of cold mix processes.


ed bitumen stabilising spa services and experience water for producing hot bitumen water for compaction working direction road surface pavement before post construction after. created date:

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Dec 12, 2008· Road Recycling Corp. utilizes an emerging technology (ed Asphalt) that allows the existing pavement of an old road to be re-processed and re …

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Bitumen is produced by ing standard bitumen grade C170. The process consists of adding small amounts of water usually 2 to 3% by mass of the bitumen. The water is injected in conjunction with air to hot bitumen, which has been heated to between 170 and 180 degrees Celsius.

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We provide Bitumen services to Australia and internationally. Our extensive knowledge of bitumen stabilisation dates back to the early 90's when it was patented by Mobil Oil Australia. As such we can provide our clients with customised bitumen mix designs with different additives, pavement investigation and independent quality ...

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Biyseal Polyurethane Impregnated is a bitumen impregnated, light weight flexible , with a nominal density of 35kg per m³, manufactured to AS2282-79. Biyseal is also available impregnated with an acrylic solution for use when ultra-violet light resistance is required.

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Cold recycling using ed bitumen as a binding agent is an established technology worldwide and is increasingly becoming the focus of road authorities and construction companies for the rehabilitation and new construction of roads. Cold recycling with ed bitumen makes it possible to produce flexible and long-lasting base layers.

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Using the effect in the process of bitumen preparation simplifies mix stirring and ensures uniform distribution of the binder across the surface of the mineral material. bitumen in asphalt mix is economically efficient due to the reduction of bitumen consumption, mix temperature, while increasing the production rate of the mixing equipment.

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ed bitumen is produced by adding small amounts of water to hot bitumen (approximately 2-3% by weight of bitumen). The binder used for this process if ordinary penetration-grade bitumen, type B60 to B200, which is also used for asphalt production in new road construction.

AQUAblack® : the new bitumen technology

The use of bitumen has been considerably developed in recent years. To cite an example, the production of warm asphalts in the USA has doubled over the space of one year, from 19.2 Mt in 2009 to 47.6 Mt in 2010, obtained with over 90% bitumen technique.

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The stabilised mix represents a high quality base course material stabilised with 2.0% cement and 3.5% bitumen. The results of this analysis showed that bitumen stabilisation using high quality aggregates and about 2% cement is competitive compared to unbound materials because a reduced layer thickness is required.

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ed bitumen stabilisation is experiencing a global renaissance and the variety and variability of bitumens available for use in this process, is prolific. In this dynamic environment the ...

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Jan 01, 2014· The bitumen stabilized base layer was constructed in a total thickness of 150 mm. This consisted of a granular material from a local quarry and milled asphalt materials. These materials were placed on top of the final lime stabilized layer. The layer was then stabilized using bitumen and cement slurry . After that, a total 100 mm of ...

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Bitumen Impregnated Filler An expanding compressible gap filler sealing that is used to protect against dust, pests and water. A solution for: Draughts, dust, moisture and water; Pest and vermin proofing; Vibration and sound proofing; Often used in: Roof area joints; Window and Door surrounds; Concrete construction expansion joints

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The bitumen technology - SOLU® distributed by the 's Mixing Plant division is the high-tech solution that achieves outstanding warm asphalt performance. Installed on more than 300 installations, this technology is fully reliable and thus allows to produce high quality warm mix asphalt on demand without any extra cost ...

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The bitumen unit UVB-L is designed for obtaining bitumen samples. The unit can be operated by organizations, producing asphalt concrete mixtures, as well as road construction and repair organizations. The unit is designed for indoor operation. The design of the unit ensures normal operation in ambient temperatures from +5 0С to +40 0С andRead More

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Design of ed bitumen layers for roads Page 2 of 10 AustStab Workshop on Road Stabilisation in QLD February, 2005 Some prior ed bitumen projects have been shown to form shrinkage cracking and reflection cracking from the subgrade, and this is also a form of distress that needs to be addressed in the design model.

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bitumen 1 ed bitumen is produced by adding small amounts of water to hot bitumen (approximately 2-3% by weight of bitumen). laboratory system. The UVB-1-V unit is designed for refining of bitumen formulas. It can be used by asphalt-concrete mix production facilities, as well as construction and road repair facilities.

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Paver placement of around 160,000 tonnes of ed bitumen stabilised material. Included all placing, spreading, compacting, trimming and curing of the stabilised materials; Overall manufacture, supply and placement of 16 kilometres of ed bitumen material ; Compliance and conformance testing and monitoring ; Hauling of mixed product to site

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ed bitumen is produced by injecting small quantities of water and air into hot bitumen under high pressure. The water evaporates and makes the bitumen up rapidly to between 15 and 20 times its original volume. The is then injected into a mixer through injection nozzles and optimally mixed into cold and moist construction materials.

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Feb 24, 2016· Trico Asphalt have commenced the supply of bitumen stabilised roadbase to the D'Aguilar Highway rehabilitation and safety improvement project. The project being completed by McIlwain Civil is in a difficult location along the highway near …

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ed bitumen is an innovative asphalt that is ideal for surfacing new areas or resurfacing old ones. Once the bitumen solution has been created and applied to the ground surface, it is then compacted using heavy equipment such as graders, while …

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ed bitumen stabilisation (FBS) involves insitu or plant mix stabilisation of pavement materials with bitumen as the primary binder. The process is used to improve the strength of granular materials while retaining a flexible pavement. The ed bitumen content generally ranges from 3% to 4% by mass of the material being bound.

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Plant Mixed Bitumen . Hiway Stabilizers are passionate about producing a high-quality product, to service your various road network needs. Plant-mixed bitumen is produced by ing C170 Bitumen at 180-190°C and combining this with road based hydrated lime and compaction water.

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ed bitumen is produced by injecting small quantities of water and air into hot bitumen under high pressure. The water evaporates and makes the bitumen up rapidly to between 15 and 20 times its original volume. The is then injected into a mixer through injection nozzles and optimally mixed into cold and moist construction materials.

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The Wirtgen WR2500S soil stabilizer is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled bitumen spray bar, which has 16 individual nozzles and expansion chambers insuring the even distribution of throughout the process. This video show the basic operation of the spray nozzles and expansion chamber. The Hot Bitumen entering the nozzles, mixing with the precise amount of water and air to ...