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shall be CSS-1H emulsified asphalt applied at the rate of 0.05 gallons per square yard. Flush seal and tack will be paid on a square yard basis. The unit bid price per square yard for tack shall include the costs of furnishing labor, equipment, materials, and apply all necessary materials for tack in accordance with the specifications.

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May 13, 2013· how many yards in a ton of cold patch asphalt in United States … asphalt cold mix weight per yard in Paradise, United States. asphalt repair cost savings … asphalt grindings weight per cubic yard – Crusher South Africa. asphalt weight per cubic yard – Mining equipment & mine process … Pounds per square yard of asphalt per 1-inch …


A tack coat of asphalt (usually emulsified asphalt) is applied to ensure bond between the existing surface and the asphalt overlay. It should be applied in an even,thin coat at a rate of application of .05 gallons per square yard with a tolerance of.01 gallons per square yard. Excessive tack coat can cause slippage or can flush to the surface.

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In Colorado, cape seal generally costs about $2.50 to $2.75 per square yard — a tremendous difference from the $6.40 per square yard cost of a milling, utility adjustment and asphalt overlay. Ron Martinez, street superintendent for the town of Parker, Colo., has cape seal in his five-year plan for area cul-de-sacs and minor collector streets.

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Consult the asphalt manufacturers if you do not know the weight density of the asphalt. In the example, use a typical weight density of 145 pounds per cubic foot. Now you have 145 pounds per cubic foot times 43.7 cubic feet, which equals 6,336.5 pounds.

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The question asks for the tons required, so now all we have to do is convert from pounds to tons: There are 2000 lbs/ ton. 12,378.4 lbs x 1 ton/2000 lbs = 6.2 tons. Typically, asphalt quantities are calculated based upon a square yard specified rate. 1 syd = 3 ft x 3ft or …

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how much do asphalt millings weigh per yard. how much does asphalt milling weigh how much does a cubic yard of zinc weigh how much area will tons of crushed asphalt cover calculate how much crusher run do i need recycle asphalt products weight per cubic yard how much does paying crushing stone per ton how much money do you need to start a mine how much does a used cone …


1. High Performance Type 1 Noor 2 (2 ton minimum) Bid per ton 7. ASPHALT MILLING Asphalt Milling (up to 2" depth, single mobilization) No Bid per square yard Mobilization for asphalt milling, after the first mobilization No Bid Lump sum, each 8. APPROACH MILLING 9. ADJUST CASTING TO GRADE 10. 4.75mm STEEL SLAG SAND SURFACE –FOB PLANT

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Asphalt is a black cementitious material, made by fractional distillation of crude petroleum. This online Asphalt Volume Calculator helps you to estimate the Asphalt tonnage required for making a pavement of a specified length, width and thickness. The Asphalt is a high quality material compacted into dense mass with benefits.

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One ton of asphalt covers about 80 square feet with 2 inches of material or 160 square feet with 1 inch of material. Current wholesale pricing of bulk base-grade asphalt is $70-$80 per ton; top-layer grade is $75-$85 per ton. 2" asphalt base layer: $1.10-$1.40 per square foot. Factors To Consider in the Price of Paving For Your Lot

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Feb 06, 2018· 9 = converts from feet to square yards Example - Given: Application Rate (A) = 165 pounds/square yards Width of Pavement (W) = 11 feet Plant Production Rate (Rp) = 300 ton/hour Find: Paver Speed (V) First find the length of 11 foot (3.35 m) width pavement that can be placed per ton of mix. L = 2000/9WA = 2000/[9(11)(165)] = 10 feet/ton of mix

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ncdot milling asphalt cost per square yard. ncdot milling asphalt cost per square yard. NCDOT Asphalt Pavement Removal and Replacement a) This item includes furnishing all materials, equipment, and labor The measurement for payment for pavement milling shall be the number of square yards of pavement actually milled based on The unit price bid per square yard.

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In spring of 2016, Blackrock Milling LLC of Tampa, put two of its cold milling machines to work in echelon to remove more than a million square yards of aged pavement from Interstate 75 near Ocala. The project encompassed 19 miles of six lanes, plus 10-foot shoulders on the outside and the medians, plus exit and entrance ramps.

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The number of square yards of asphalt needed depends How to Calculate Asphalt Tons. This is all very helpful despite the light argument over asphalt per ton costs. Posts Related to tons of asphalt milling plant per sq yard. ton 2in crusher run equal to cubic meters. 1 tonne of crusher run cubic meter Grinding Mill China 1 Cubic. Live Chat

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How many yards in a ton of asphalt millings Products. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we offer advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including, How many yards in a ton of asphalt millings, quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of minerals.

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in asphalt tons or concrete square yards. Asphaltic concrete projects. Add the following equipment rental items and hours. "Rental of Loader, Fully Operated" – 50 Hour "Rental of Motor Grader, Fully Operated" – 50 Hour "Rental of Dump Truck, Fully Operated" – 50 Hour "Rental of Skid Loader, Fully Operated" – 50 Hour

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MILLING AND RECYCLING, per ton Since the 1970's milling machines, Total Cost per Square Yard $ 025 Total Cost per Ton $ 456 Operating . [More] yards in ton of asphalt millings - shubhayatrain

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The square footage in this example is 20′ times 40′, which equals 800 square foot. Next, divide this into how much asphalt we need per square foot. 800 divided by 26.66 equals 30 tonnes of asphalt. At $85 per ton for hot-mix asphalt, the asphalt will cost 30 times $85, or $2,550.

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recycled asphalt cost per square foot gkijnl. recycled asphalt cost per square foot recycled asphalt cubic yards per square foot ugcnetnicin recycled asphalt cubic yards per square foot how many cubic yards in a ton of cold mix asphalt TThis calculator is designed to give the volume in both cubic feet and cubic yards and the tons of asphalt hot ...

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Two tons make a yard, so a yard costs between $14 and $120. Return to Top. Recycled Asphalt Driveway Cost Per Square Foot. While asphalt millings are typically sold by the ton or yard, homeowners will need to determine the square footage of their driveway to find the cost of reclaimed asphalt. A ton of asphalt millings typically covers about 80 ...

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Dec 17, 2012· Tons Of Asphalt Pavement = Square Yards Of Pavement * 0.057 * Depth Of Pavement In … This is all very helpful despite the light argument over asphalt per ton costs. Posts Related to tons of asphalt milling plant per sq yard

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ASPHALT MILLING ATTACHMENTS 2005 Nova Award Nomination 25 ASPHALT … Our outside contractors would cost us $1.50 per square yard . We do it … bottom line just like it does asphalt . …

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15 · Not only will this increase revenue, but your cost per mile should decrease. Or Call Toll Free 1-800-734-1476. LM emulsion unit costs are approximately $140-$170 per ton. 50 per ton for asphalt and $1 per-square-yard for the planing and milling of existing pavement of city streets for a …

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The project manager needs to take the milling machine operator aside to show him how the end result should appear. Instill pride of workmanship into the operator. The boss may want "more tons," but he also wants a job well done. One way to get the job done well is to pay attention to the machine. It will tell you when teeth need to be changed.

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This calculator is designed to give the volume in both cubic feet and cubic yards, and the tons of asphalt hot mix required for the form size you have entered. The tonage calculation is specific to asphalt only. In our equations, 1 cubic yard of hot asphalt mix weighs 2.025 tons, or 4050 lbs.

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Fine Milling of Asphalt Pavement Surfaces 2501 to 5000 SqYards Fine Milling of Asphalt Pavement Surfaces - 5001 SY or Greater Milled Rumble Strips Surcharge for Parking Lot and Facility Paving - Items A thru PZ Ultra-Thin Asphalt Overlay - SP498 Fine Milling of Asphalt Pavement Surfaces - 0 to 250 Sq Yards

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Sep 26, 2018· 1. convert area into a volume by multiplying area by the thickness. 2. Determine the density of the hot mix asphalt from the laboratory mix design. Generally, about 2,245 kg/m3 or 140 lbs/ft3. 3. Divide density of hot mix asphalt by volume to get ...


unit price per square yard for Cold Milling Asphalt Concrete. Cold milling asphalt is estimated to produce 17,449 tons of cold milled asphalt concrete material. An estimated 623 tons of cold milled asphalt concrete material will be blended with Granular Material, Furnish and will be used on

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1. Measurement: Measurement will be in square yards for each type of full depth patch. Patches less than 2 square yards in area will be considered 2 square yards. 2. Payment: Payment will be made at the unit price per square yard for each type of full depth patch. 3. Includes: Unit price includes, but is not limited to, sawing, removing, and ...

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cubic yards to tons asphalt | Asphalt Equipment & Paving …. cold milling shall be incidental to the contract unit price per square yard …Tons of Asphalt.21. Tons of Rock. 22. Cubic Yards of Concrete. 23. Other (Please describe) … »More detailed